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The Bursar, Jonathan Spence, gives an update on the challenges which Queens' continues to face, and the importance of gifts to the Unrestricted Fund.  

Since the last Giving Day, the College has continued to face difficult financial headwinds. Our Conferences and Catering income has still not fully recovered from the impact of the lockdown, and at the same time, we face new challenges, not least the rising cost of energy and supplies for the College. Despite these challenges, we have worked hard to ensure that we do not compromise the quality of education and the level of support that we provide our students and indeed to our whole community. We have been committed to subsidising meals and rent costs for our students, such that they are shielded as much as possible from the full force of our rising costs. 

At the same time, we are facing an increased level of unexpected need from students whose financial situation has changed due to recent circumstances. The Unrestricted Fund is a vital tool which Queens' can employ to serve our most urgent financial pressures. The flexible nature of this Fund means that your gift this Giving Day will go to wherever the need is greatest in our community, allowing us to address current difficult circumstances, and putting us in a position to embrace exciting opportunities in the future.

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