The Subject Fund in Psychological and Behavioural Sciences

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Watch the video to hear Jane Garrison, Director of Studies in PBS, and current Queens’ students, as they discuss the impact of this new Subject Fund. 

PBS is a relatively new Tripos, having been established as a separate subject from Natural Sciences in 2013. Despite this, it has enjoyed a consistently strong reputation at Queens’, and continues to grow and thrive. 

We are asking for your support for a new Subject Fund, which will put PBS on an equal footing with other subjects such as Natural Sciences and Earth Sciences. It will ensure that academic-related costs need not be a barrier to our students fulfilling their considerable potential. 

We are aiming to raise £100,000 to permanently endow this Fund, which will provide a return of £3,000 per year to support PBS students at Queens'. Just over £54,560 has been raised prior to the Giving Day, where we are asking for your support to complete the final £45,000 and ensure that this can be a lasting source of support for our students. £20,000 of this can be unlocked through our Challenges! 

The Subject Fund would help our students to: 

  • Attend conferences, to present research or network.
  • Conduct research, or undertake placements within their field.
  • Access books, journals, software and other study materials.
  • Invite external speakers to give talks at Queens'. 

Students of PBS at Queens’ are helping to lay the foundations for deeper understanding of behaviour and the human brain. 

Your kindness today can empower them to excel in their studies as they seek to answer some of the most exciting and important questions in our society.

“I have previously received support from Queens’ to stay in College over summer to conduct research. Having the funds to ensure your research is well-powered, with large sample sizes, is one of the most important things in Psychology. There are also so many conferences to attend, but this can often be expensive. The support from this new Subject Fund, to take these opportunities, meet people doing similar things and to connect with people higher up in your field could really boost our careers as psychologists.”

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