The Mairi Hurrell Fund

£13,965 has been raised from 77 donors.

The Mairi Hurrell Fund was initially established during the Covid-19 crisis. Since then, it has become a permanent source of support for students at Queens'. Thanks to your kindness, even more students have been able to access resources for better physical and mental health. The fund has been in constant use since the last Giving Day.

Your support today will help to ensure that Queens’ can continue to provide the highest standard of clinical care to our students.

The Fund is highly flexible, and responds to student needs as they arise. Some examples of uses to date include:

  • Ensuring students can access assessments and diagnosis in a timely manner.
  • Providing specialist treatment for physical and mental health conditions, including EMDR therapy.
  • Building a network of qualified specialists who we can call on for specific help if a student's needs and experiences require this.

Make your gift and help us to ensure that Queens' students can continue to fulfil their potential, and enjoy their time at College. 

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