The Subject Fund in Engineering

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Engineering at Queens’ is a dynamic and inclusive community that is built on a strong foundation of collaboration between students and Fellows.

Thanks to an innovative teaching model, the surplus teaching budget has been diverted to ensure that current undergraduates receive monetary support to enhance their studies.

Students have already used this funding to…

• Travel for research.

• Pursue extra-curricular projects.

• Conduct outreach work.

• Attend conferences.

• Purchase essential books and equipment.

• Create exciting new Engineering societies.

The current model is unsustainable. We must establish a subject fund to guarantee that this support will be available to all future generations of Queens’ Engineering students and to extend this support to postgraduate students.

We are aiming to raise £400,000 to permanently endow this Fund, which will provide a return of £12,000 per year to support Engineering students at Queens’.

We have already raised £170,000 ahead of the Giving Day, so your support will be vital to ensuring we can complete this Fund. You can also help unlock £40,000 towards this goal through Challenges!

Your support today will mean that Engineering students at Queens’ will have the tools they need to excel and to go out into the world and work on some of society’s most pressing and important problems.

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