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Tyler Denmead, Director of Studies in Education, explains how this new Subject Fund will make a real difference to students. 

Education at Queens’ is a thriving and diverse community, made up of undergraduates, postgraduate research students and trainees who will become the next generation of teachers.

Queens’ students’ research interests cover every part of Education, in every part of the world. Current students work ranges from studying educational reform in São Paulo, to increasing understanding of neurodiversity in Poland, to implementing more inclusive policy and practice here at the University of Cambridge.

We are aiming to raise £100,000 to permanently endow this Fund, which will provide a return of £3,000 per year to support Education students at Queens'. £60,000 of this has already been raised ahead of the Giving Day, so we are aiming to raise the final £40,000 over the next 36 hours. You can help unlock £20,000 towards this goal through our Challenges!

This new subject fund will provide financial assistance for a range of academic-related costs. These could include attending conferences, travelling to carry out research or the cost of books or other materials. Your kindness today will mean that Education students at Queens’ will have the tools they need to excel in their current work, and to go out into the world and make a real difference in the field of Education.

“Because of the nature of my research, I often have to work in archives all over the world. It can be really expensive to get to these archives, and many of the materials are not digitised yet. The Subject Fund in Education would be incredibly useful to travel to these sites, and to access materials that are not available in remote ways.”

Molly, PhD candidate in Education

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